Finally, Kim Kardashian Kids Name Revealed? - Baby Names Kim Kardashian is so unique discussion until now. Now there is one name that is alleged to have given Kim and Kanye manifold for her baby. Who?

As reported by The Sun, where Kim gave birth nurse accidentally leaked the name of the baby. He said that the baby was named Kaidence Donda West.

Apparently the couple finally decided to continue the family tradition of Kim. During this time, the prefix letter 'K' is always in the name of women born in the Kardashian-Jenner family.

The baby's middle name is also certainly not without meaning. Donda was none other than Kanye mothers name who some time ago had died from cancer.

Previously, a number of names such as the North West and Donda West Georgia Kai also had appeared. But the nurse said that it had Kaidence name several times referred to in the hospital.

Party Kim and Kanye have not yet commented on this. Whether this is indeed the name of their child? Just look at the development of the story later!