Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 'Tortured' - Problem technological sophistication, no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 to be in the top ranks of today's smartphones.

But, as demonstrated by a video from Cnet, the two devices apparently reacted a little differently when forced through a variety of "torture".

Having plunged into the water for a long time, the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 dropped to the tile hard, scratched with a hard object, then run over by a vehicle.

There are some surprising things that came up from the test. Both smartphones are equally crushed under the pressure of a car wheel, but before that one of them managed to survive longer in the water.

Then, a layer of Gorilla Glass was not fully ensure display smartphone will be scratch free. Which is more dangerous to the screen: keys, coins, or sandpaper?

Of course, the owners of the iPhone and the Galaxy S4 could be said would try to avoid both expensive devices from the distress. But it's good to know the durability of them just in case of the most damaging things.