Wisata Religi ke Masjid Agung Sunan Ampel

Sunan Ampel Mosque is known for the lovers of religious tourism. This mosque is the most famous mosques and holy to Muslims in Surabaya, after the Masjid Akbar Surabaya.

Just behind the Mosque complex contained the tomb of Sunan Ampel Ampel who died in 1481. In this area there is an interesting namely the existence of the Arab village of Arab origin occupied most of Yemen and China who have settled hundreds of years to trade. The atmosphere of the life of these traders are almost like the atmosphere in Makkah.

Upon entering the month of Ramadan, Sunan Ampel Mosque became one of the most sought-after area. During Ramadan, the number of visitors has doubled compared to normal days the average reached 2,000 people. Visitors will be more and more at the moment 'maleman' (the night of 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 Ramadan) and total over 10 thousand people, even to reach 20 thousand people.

Apart from the intention to perform salat and dhikr in a quiet, many who come for pilgrimage to the tomb of Sunan Ampel. Even foreign tourists who come also from China, France, Holland, Italy, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, Korea, and Japan. Generally, they see the shape Ampel mosque that was built since 1421, then they are also a pilgrimage to the tomb of Sunan Ampel.

Ampel Mosque was founded in 1421 by Sunan Ampel, assisted by her best friend and Mbah Mbah Sholeh Sonhaji, and santrinya. This mosque was built on a land area of ​​120 x 180 meters square in the village of Ampel (now Village Ampel), District Semampir Surabaya or about 2 km to the East Red Bridge.

Not called when the completion of this Ampel Mosque. Sunan Ampel Ampel also established a boarding school. Since 1972 the Great Mosque Area Sunan Ampel has been determined to be a place of religious tourism by the City Government of Surabaya.

Ampel is an area in the northern city of Surabaya where the majority of the population are ethnic Arabs. In this area, thick with the atmosphere of the Middle East and its market that sells goods and foods of the Middle East. Central region is Ampel Ampel Mosque is located in Jalan Ampel Saints 45 or Jl. Ampel Mosque 53 and was founded in the 15th century. Ampel region is one of the tourist visit religious areas in Surabaya. If you want to buy goods or foods of the Middle East and have come to the Masjid Ampel.

Sunan Ampel Mosque which was built in the style of ancient Javanese architecture and feel of the Arab-Islamic. The mosque is still influenced by alkuturisasi of local culture and the Hindu-Buddhist architecture through the buildings. In this mosque at the time as a gathering place of scholars and saints from various regions in Java to discuss the teachings of Islam as well as discussing the distribution method in Java.

Ampel Mosque teak wood imported from several regions in East Java and is believed to memiiki "karomah '. As mentioned in the story, when foreign troops with heavy weapons attacked Surabaya from various directions and destroyed the city of Surabaya, but does not cause the slightest damage to the Masjid Ampel even if not disturbed.

Sunan Ampel was one of the meritorious guardian songo spread Islam in Java land. Its original name was Raden Mohammad Ali Rahmatullah is a pious figure, wise, dignified and a lot of sympathy from the public. Sunan Ampel was born in 1401 is estimated at Champa, Cambodia.

History records, Sunan Ampel was the descendant of Abraham Asmarakandi. One of the King of Champa who later settled in Tuban, East Java. At the age of 20 years, Raden Rachmat decided to move to Java land, precisely in Surabaya that when it is a regional power under King Majapahit trusted UB already Muslim when it is older. In the age of 20 years, Sunan Ampel already known versed in religious knowledge, even trusted the King UB to preach and spread the religion of Islam in Surabaya.

Particular task is to educate the nobility and moral subjects Majapahit. For that Raden Rachmat lent by the King of Majapahit in the form of land covering 12 hectares in area Ampel Surabaya to syiar Denta or Islam. Because the place was, Raden Rachmat then familiarly called Sunan Ampel. Sunan Ampel in Surabaya and lead the mission together with the surrounding community to build mosques for preaching media now known as Masjid Ampel. This is where Sunan Ampel spent his life until his death in 1481 and his tomb is located on the right front of the mosque Ampel.

Ampel Mosque is always kept clean and cared for until now. Currently handled Ampel Mosque nadzir newly formed around the early 1970s. First time acting as nadzir Ampel Mosque is the late KH Muhammad ibn Yusuf and forwarded by KH Nawawi Muhammad until 1998. After the death of KH Nawawi nadzir Muhammad until now has not been formally established Ampel Mosque. That there now is nadzir progressors who chaired by KH Ubaidilah. The Chairman Takmir Ampel Mosque is, H. Azmi Mohammad Nawawi.