Launch Features 'Find Nearby Friends' Facebook Will Demanded

CALIFORNIA - Facebook will likely be sued for launching a new feature. Friendthem mobile applications has announced its intention to sue Facebook because it launched the latest mobile phone features 'Find Nearby Friends'.

Quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (27/06/2012), CEO Charles Friendthem Sankowich said senior executives had expressed plans up on the idea in February, which uses GPS signals to track the smartphone and friends of potential new friends nearby.

After dinner with Facebook executives who withheld his name, Sankowich said that Facebook executives expressed very fond of the idea. So, although Facebook says the idea for the feature "Find Nearby Friends" comes another company, but Sankowich still do not believe in the claims.

According Sankowich, Friendthem is something special and could be one important application for Facebook for a long time. "When the world understands how important our message, Friendthem could be one of the most important applications out there," said Sankowich.

Meanwhile, lawyers Friendthem, Les Apple, said, "We will be continuing a lawsuit after we confirm the information we have. But, we do not want to do things that are not responsible, "he explained.

Friendthem, Android and IOS applications, connect to your Facebook account users to find people near them. Users can select information such as name, profile picture, hometown, and others who wish to be shared by users.