Venue Party iPhone 6 Covered White Blanket

There is still about a week longer for Apple to hold a party, which this time was held in Felt Center. The workers were getting ready to dress the art building.

Mysterious impression will be felt, because the building is not far from Apple's headquarters, in Cupertino, covered with a white blanket. Not far from the building looks guardrail, so that not any person can enter.

Apple seems tai playfully preparing for the event was the announcement of the iPhone 6. Moreover you view the amount of capacity in the theater more than banya building ever hired Apple to eventnya.

Until the iPhone 5, Apple usually hold the event at Yerba Buena, San Francisco. Seat capacity in place that reaches over 700 people. Meanwhile, Felt Center, more and more, 2,405 seats. Similarly, in the quotation from the Mirror, Monday (01/09/2014).

Interestingly, this event will also become nostalgic as Apple with their deceased boss. The late Steve Jobs, released the first Mac in this place 30 years ago.

When the Mac into something revolutionary as laptops aimed at the consumer segment. So, this could be a new iPhone wants grand building.