Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos Stolen in iCloud, Why Can?

Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos Stolen in iCloud
Actress Jennifer Lawrence rocked an unpleasant news. Nude photo compromised by hackers, who allegedly made ​​through Apple's cloud storage service, iCloud.

Hackers are claiming not only that Lawrence had been stolen personal photos. Also some celebrities, like Rihanna, Kate Upton, Jenny McCarthy and Mary E Winstead. As a result, concerns arose, iCloud already insecure?

The big name celebrities certainly become a reference for the hackers to commit theft, even though the lay person should remain vigilant. But everyone agreed, how can iCloud be cracked?

"A large-scale hacking on services like Apple's iCloud and it was not possible. Hacker might be able to break into one or two artists, however widely it is only a claim," said Rik Ferguson, Vice President of Research Security Trend Micro, argued.

According to Ferguson, simpler and more likely explanation is leakage from the email and password combination, either through phishing or when users are deceived by Abal Abal site that asks them to enter their login details, which are then used to break into the account.

Another way that may be used by hackers take advantage of the features 'forgot password'. That was the previous record of successfully breaking into the email from the artist.

Or it could be, to answer the security question. According to Ferguson, this effort actually try it, because not all the same questions and if the questions were easy, answered easily anyway. Such as 'Who is the name of the biological mother?'.

So far, Apple has not given a statement linked the attack to iCloud. However, they are reportedly still investigating the case is not the first time it's happened.