Hacker says Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos breaker

Apple's cloud service, iCloud, questionable security after hackers allegedly managed to find some photos of the famous artists there. Unidentified hackers and the FBI is being pursued pleaded not work alone.

"Friends, just wanted to tell you that I'm not doing this alone. There are others who also do. This is the result of hard work over several months by all involved," the hackers wrote on the website 4chan.

He is also grateful for the donations given by supporters. If you want more leaked photos, he asked that the fans gave him a bitcoin.

"We appreciate your donation and pleased with your interest., I am going to move to another location and will continue to do the post," the hacker added News.com.au quoted on Tuesday (09/02/2014).

It is not certain how the hacker can break through iCloud. There is a possibility he exploit security holes contained in the Find My iPhone service connected with iCloud.

The hacker managed to break into claims nude photos famous actress like Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and Rihanna. Total claimed there are about 100 photographs of celebrities who successfully transported.

Bureau of the FBI investigation confirmed that they have started an investigation. Likewise Apple. "We deal with a user's privacy very seriously and are actively investigating these reports," said Apple spokeswoman.