Often Show Intimacy, Beyonce and Jay-Z Still rumored Separation

Since the incidence of contention between Jay-Z and his brother-in-law, Solange, Beyonce households continue buffeted by rumors of divorce. Although Beyonce and Jay-Z tried to argue with often display their affection and togetherness, this rumor is not subsided even more heat. The most recent mention both avoided each other during their tour 'On the Run' together.

Gossip 'separate beds' was released by Us Weekly this week. Entertainment magazine in its message that says, Beyonce and Jay-Z stayed in different rooms during their tour in New York and Los Angeles.

"They avoided each other during their tour of On the Run," so said a source close to Jay-Z. Sources also said that Beyonce searching alone apartment in Chelsea, New York.

After Us Weekly writes the gossip, the Daily Mail reported other media of different things. British media that displays news mentioning Beyonce and Jay-Z enjoy their time together in the Presidential Suite Hotel St. Regis. Both entered the room for $ 30 thousand per night was on Wednesday (08/06/2014) at 02.00 am. Before they spend time with some friends, one of whom Black Eyed Peas Will.i.am, at Tosca Cafe, San Francisco.

Until now, Beyonce and Jay-Z does not yet issued any statement related to their marriage rift rumors. The singer of 'Crazy In Love' the pick 'talk' through social networking sites. At Instagram account, showing him several times if his family remained harmonious.

One example is the happy family photos uploaded to Instagram account Beyoncé with more than 14 million followers that on Monday (21/07/2014). He did not write any description or caption on a photograph terliihat blur it.

In the photo looks Beyonce left hand holding Blue Ivy. While Jay-Z took the right hand of the princess. Subjects whose hands seemed to float towed due lifted into the air by his parents.