Girlfriend Kim Jong Un Famous Singer?

Pyongyang - a mysterious woman who often accompanied the leader of North Korea (Korea) Kim Jong Un, was a former pop singer Wong Hyon-Wool. Hyon Kim Jong Il was forbidden to see Jong Un 10 years ago.

Hyon was a personnel of the Electronic Band Bochonbo is quite famous. The band's success with a song titled "Horse-Like Excellent Lady," "Footsteps of Soldiers," "I Love Pyongyang," "She is a Discharged Soldier", and "We Are Troops of the Party."

According to intelligence reports South Korea (ROK), Hyon Jong Un and began to close and love each other as Jong Un after completing his studies in Switzerland. However, their relationship not sanctioned by Kim Jong Il. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (07/11/2012).

Hyon became famous in 2005, and claimed to have married one of the North Korean military officials. The woman had already had children, but until now, there is no clear statement about the existence of Hyon's husband.

In early 2012, Hyon appeared in a major event to commemorate International Women's Day in Pyongyang. Jong Un is also present in the warning.

So far, South Korean media thought, women are always accompanied Jong Un is the youngest daughter of Kim Jong Il, Yo Jong. The woman allegedly was aged approximately 20 years, she was seen accompanying Jong Un as the young North Korean leader made ​​a pilgrimage to the tomb of his grandfather's grave, Kim Il Sung.

The figure of Lady North also never appeared in public. Kim Jong Il's wife, Young Sook Kim is also very rarely appear together in a number of events and on television.