iOS Users More Crazy Online Than Android

Android devices are far more dominant in the market compared to iOS. But apparently for an online affair, although market share of up to 85%, Android users still less active than iOS.

From the observation made ​​NetApplications to 40 thousand websites frequently accessed by the user of Android and iOS, recorded a portion of 44.62% to 44.19% for Android and iOS.

The percentage of online users Apple device is slightly under Android. However, when associated with Android market share reached 85%, iOS users obviously look more superior. That's because iOS's market share is only 11.9%.

As quoted from Phone Arena, Monday (08/04/2014), analysts say, Android's market share is high, but largely dominated by entry-level phones in which users buy because they want to follow the trend of touch screen phones.

Although it could also be used for online activities, many users in these segments actually only use it for phone and sms only. This is in contrast to iOS users where users must use it for online purposes, whether just browsing or running an online-based applications.

Analysts also said that reason, too, who finally makes application developers prefer the iOS platform for applications than Android. Especially for applications that are based online.