The plane ride & Fly With James Bond

Beautiful flight attendants, good food, and entertainment facilities complete and date the following airlines make this choice male tourists. What are they?

Check out his review below, as quoted from AskMen:

Qatar Airways

According to the men, who make this their choice of airline Qatar is the entertainment system in the plane. Unlike other airlines that serve only a flat-screen televisions and plain films, particularly airlines Qatar Airways and never miss having a complete collection of James Bond films. Not surprisingly, the men like to fly with the airline, accompanied by the action of a secret agent.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Most airline seats for passenger comfort distinguish economics and business. Not with Cathai Pacific Airways. The airline has a comfortable seating systems for economy class passengers who have been established through research over the past two years. Economy class seats look more comfortable, without having to waste a lot of space and money by the airline.


With a fleet of Boeing A380, the airline has 90 aircraft in the world. Renowned airlines cozy and warm, and when the cabin lights turned off, you can view simulations of starlight in the cabin ceiling. The airline also has a shower in the fleet, so you need not worry even appear tousled has passed through a long flight.

Singapore Airlines

Again, the airline of choice for men because of the beautiful stewardess. However, Singapore Airlines flight attendants are not only famous for its distinctive beauty of Asia, but also the hospitality. Airline flight attendants really educated to memerlihatkan typical Asian hospitality to each passenger.

Tirelessly, they will help you during the flight; pouring drinks, put a blanket when you fly in first class, and ask you if you try the food delicious. Airline flight attendant is also still very young, their average age was 24 years old to 29 years, age is allowed Singapore Airlines to become a flight attendant.