Visits on behalf of Jennifer Lawrence spread

Two, intrusive images emerge and will continue to appear until the end of time, using more wild boys of the network are always other places to store the images. It says Fortune, the site where the photos were revealed for the first time, where it's bad enough to be acceptable, or on the forums Meredith, where there has cohesive communities of people, not necessarily running with the conservative mainstream of Facebook. And even if the unexpected happens and photographs are gone, yet - users will find them in file-sharing networks or on the deep.

Sexual abuse
It seems that in the end the proliferation of images depends on the good will of users and their approach to issues such as privacy.

Lacey Green Network celebrity would want them to think before they click the link. Green, which deals
YouTube Channel for its mega successful, advocacy on sexuality, published status and image of Jennifer Lawrence receives award ceremony and wrote: "This is the only picture of Jennifer Lawrence should share. 'Leaked nude is a form of non-consensual sexual abuse and anyone who participates in anticipation and sharing is part of the problem. bodies of women is not public property. We are not human beings exist for the sexual pleasure of someone else without our consent. anyone with ounce of empathy should be shocked and condemn the act. Ugh ".

Jumped the shark
And other users try to help as best they could. LeakForJlaw campaign - leaked behalf J.Lo (Jennifer Lawrence), popped up on Twitter, with users expressing support for the main actress pictures leaking damaged. Surfers, men and women, uploading photos of themselves exposed to the network and add the tag LeakForJlaw.

On the other hand, there are those who think the campaign itself is Htrlh not intended to express solidarity with the injured Lawrence, but rather to help men get more pictures of naked women and naked from the network, volunteered their own images. One trolls Fortune offered to encourage women to upload photos naked under the guise of justice fighter online.

If there is a way to get naked on the internet.

On the third hand, there are those who exploit network campaign to impose. Because it is impossible to control what people bring specific tagging and then it becomes a joke. So the nude pictures and naked pictures, people raise the campaign's images Lawrence itself (again, until it is deleted), the provision of water, and pictures of leeks (Leek).