The FBI investigates: who leaked nude photos of the star?

Jennifer Lawrence
 United States still turbulent wake of the break-known players' accounts and distributing photographs of intimacy. Tonight (Tuesday) announced that FBI opens investigation into the affair, which were distributed network nude photos of actresses and models line include: Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst

Feds announcement of joining his statement of "dark" yesterday, also announced that investigate its breakthrough cloud services, having reported that hackers broke into the accounts of users. "We take very seriously the privacy of users of our services and we will do everything to find out who was behind the break-in," the company statement said.

Lawrence, Academy Award nominee, has contacted the authorities in the United States after discovering that her pictures were distributed on the network on Sunday. Lawrence's lawyers, most of her pictures were distributed, also called for making quick inquiry.

"This is a gross violation of privacy", said yesterday the representatives of the young actress. "The authorities responded to our arguments and the factors responsible for the dissemination of images will be prosecuted", explained.

The FBI claimed that they were aware of the complaints and allegations regarding the dissemination of private materials and famous hacking of their accounts, and working hard in the investigation.