Behind 4chan's strange, offensive online campaigns

The leak of dozens of celebrities stolen nude photos has taken a new turn bizarre how Twitter users are invited to submit their own nude selfies post with the hashtag "leak4jlaw" in solidarity with actress Jennifer Lawrence, whose private photos were hacked.

The perverse movement was started by the users of the message board, where many of the private photos surfaced this weekend, reports CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano.

However, it seems that "# leak4jlaw" has backfired. Many people are making fun of the hashtag on Twitter - the latest in a long list of strange and sometimes offensive or dangerous ideas of people who concocted the website 4chan frequently.

For example, if you were ever a victim of a "Rick Roll" - clicked on a link, only to be redirected to a Rick Astley music video - you can 4chan to thank for coming up with this prank.

4chan users also popularized LOL Cat meme, this ubiquitous cats pictures with silly captions. They helped the amateur music video "Chocolate Rain" go viral.

But 4chan users hacked Sarah Palin's also personal e-mail account, and that Steve Jobs had died of a heart attack a false rumor spread - about three years before his actual death from cancer.

New York Times columnist Nick Bilton tech said that's not the worst.

"There is an area of the site that only a mishmash of all evil you could imagine on the Internet, is - of pictures of dead people and car accidents to extreme porn," Bilton said.

While some 4chan forums are harmless, others are not safe for work, full anonymously posted to obscene or racist to expand on television.

"At the very bad parts of the site, they tend to say pretty much what they want and there is no impact on that," said Bilton.

Users are issued in the anonymity of the Board services. In fact, many masks are members of the vigilante hacker group "Anonymous" take started as a common 4chan visitors.

The website was created in 2003 by Christopher Poole, when he was just 15 years old. At a TED conference in 2010, said Poole, why it was important to remain anonymous for 4chan users.

"Sides, as it will kind go the way of the dinosaur now., You are at risk because we are moving in the direction of social networks, we are in the direction of persistent identity in motion. We even know you moved, a lack of privacy, really" , Poole said.

This is something, Jennifer Lawrence and the other stars, their personal photos were recently leaked online, now know only too well. 4chan has accounted for more than 1.6 billion posts more than 160,000 active users.

Its popularity in recent years because of competition from services like Twitter and Reddit, which can not create their users similar content 4chan luggage but declined.