World Heritage Ancient Man Aged 70 Thousand Years

Researchers claim to find the area of ​​the ancient settlement of ancient human beings 70 thousand years old. Sites in the area of Africa known as Affad 23 permanent buildings heritage reveals Homo Sapiens.

Researchers revealed that these early humans are able to adapt well in the wetland environment. New evidence suggests a more advanced level and adaptation by early humans in Africa during the era of the Middle Palaeolithic or 70 thousand years ago.

"Found in Affad is unique to the Middle Palaeolithic era. Last season, we came across some traces of light wood structure," said researcher Marta Osypi? "Ska, as reported Pasthorizonspr, Thursday (31/07/2014).

He said, during a research conducted recently, the team can find the exact location where the ancient village. The team identified a specific area to work space for a flint and cut off the animals that have been hunted.

Researchers are also working to record what species of animals hunted by early humans. By analyzing tools, researchers believe that early humans hunting large mammals such as elephants, hippos and buffaloes.

Not only that, they are also believed to hunt monkeys and rats. Researchers believe that early Homo sapiens lived in Africa in the area of ​​75 thousand and 25 thousand years ago.

"At this stage, we know that episode of Middle Palaeolithic settlement in Affad occurred at the end of the period of wet (rain)," said the researcher. This prediction is based on the data lingkungna, including a list of animal species that are hunted.