This He PES 2013 Gameplay Leaked

TOKYO - Konami unveiled a video trailer reveals gameplay features in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES 2013). In the video, featuring some of the reforms that Konami will be embedded in the game besutannya.

Reporting from T3, Wednesday (11/07/2012), PES 2013 increase of three pillars such, PES FullControl, Player ID, and ProActive AI. Through these reforms, PES 2013 is claimed to be the genre of sports gaming with graphics relisme mempuni dibandingakan with similar games created by other developers.

Adding dynamic features embedded in the first touch during manual shooting and passing mode, so players have to spend extra capabilities.

Then Konami also promises to PES 2013 will enhance the ability of the individual so that the players can distinguish the characteristic game of their favorite players.

Konami has revealed that PES 2013 will glide on perngkat Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Not only that, Konami will also launch the PSP format.

Meanwhile, Konami has not revealed the date when the official launch of PES 2013, but their estimates, the game is to slide in the autumn of this year.