When the "iPhone 6" coupled with Galaxy Alpha

Apple rumored to issue two versions of the iPhone 6, one 4.7-inch version. Alpha Galaxy that carries the same landscape display looks no less elegant

Interestingly the side of the Galaxy Alpha now messing design, in contrast to the iPhone 6 is actually rounded. This is in contrast with its predecessor product in which the iPhone 5S has the tinkering side, most of the cell phone while Samsung rounded. 

Problem thinness seems to look not much different, they both look sexy. 

Turning to the back, the Galaxy still rely Alpha-spotted leopard design style Galaxy S5. While the iPhone also retains the graphical style of plain with the Apple logo. 

So is the position of the camera, the Galaxy Alpha placing the same as in the Galaxy S5. iPhone 6 started to follow his predecessor who put a camera at the top edge. 

Alpha Galaxy carrying the 4.7-inch landscape display with limited resolution HD (1280x720 pixels).

Although both have a 4.7-inch screen size, screen resolution of the iPhone 6 is not known until now. But Apple's rumored candidate's brand-new phone will be equipped with a sapphire screen. 

When the Galaxy Alpha has first slide, then the iPhone 6 is rumored to be revealed to the public by Apple on September 9. Outstanding images could be true, but do not rule out wrong.