Real Madrid Starting XI Most Expensive in History?

Real Madrid claimed to have lowered the starting XI most expensive in history when victory in the European Super Cup.

Madrid emerged as the winner in the match against Sevilla, on Wednesday (08/13/2014) pm dawn, through a pair of goals from Cristiano Ronaldo in the final score 2-0.

In the game itself Ronaldo appeared since the early minutes and became one of the front-line trident Madrid. Ronaldo Real Madrid along with another 10 players called up a starting XI already the most expensive in history, based on the transfer value of each of these players.

"Starting XI Madrid tonight has a total of 458.5 million euros, making it the most expensive in the history of the lineup," saidFootball_Tweet Twitter account.

"The combination of eleven players who are registered on the composition of the lineup is the most expensive team in football history," wrote Paste Magazine while linking an image to the article.

Of exposure to Paste Magazine, the total value in the game lineup Madrid was 624.4 million dollars, aka 466 million euros with the details: Iker Casillas (academy players), Fabio Coentrao (44.2 million dollars), Sergio Ramos (36.2 million dollars), Pepe (40.2 million dollars), Daniel Carvahal (9.4 million dollars), Toni Kroos (40.2 million dollars), Luka Modric (44.2 million dollars), James Rodriguez (107.2 million dollars), Cristiano Ronaldo (128.6 million dollars), Karim Benzema (40.2 million dollars), and Gareth Bale (134 million dollars).

Mentioned Further, the value of 624.4 million dollars combined results of the Madrid starting XI even exceed the GDP of countries like Comoros (616 million dollars), Dominican (497 million dollars), Tonga (439 million dollars), the Federation of Micronesia (327 million dollars), and the Cook Islands (283 million dollars).

I wonder if the claim that the Madrid starting XI is indeed true that the most expensive in the history of football, given the value of the transfer are often not officially revealed and detailing - such as the transfer of Neymar to Barcelona. But it's not a secret anymore if 'The White' today is filled by players super expensive and high value, something familiar conducted by 'The White' in the era of Florentino Perez.