iPhone re-Ingesting Victims

Fate is definitely experienced by a teenager from China. New women aged 18 years was found dead with a body part on fire allegedly due to shock. Found beside the iPhone 4S that has been burned is pointed out as the cause.

His body was first discovered by his sister who smelled burnt when entering the house. In addition to finding his sister was lifeless, he also found that the iPhone has been damaged in a condition still connected to the charger.

Not clear quality charger is used, whether original or imitation charger. As reported Shanghiist, Friday (01/08/2014), the forensic check also not sure the cause, despite allegations referred to the charger leads are used, as seen in the previous case.

The victim's brother said his sister bought the iPhone at one of the stores in the city of Urumqi, China. Although not definitely involved with the incident, but the store that sold it had met with victims' families to provide compensation.

There has been no response from Apple on events that occurred in the city of Xinjiang, China's.