Gaza: A Turning Point?

Battle is happening in Gaza today, as a new episode of the saga that began when Israel unilaterally withdraw troops from the region in 2005. But then the Israeli blockade in 2007 after Hamas took control of Gaza.

The conflict that this happens is the fourth biggest conflict between Palestinians by Israel in Gaza. The Israeli government rhetorically mention their attacks will take place on a small scale and short, with the purpose of damaging Hamas.

But in fact, given the advantage of Israel since Hamas ruled Gaza. This could make Israel for playing the dominant Fatah-which Barat- Bank against Hamas.

Reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah in a unity government seems to be the motivation for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to launch an attack.

In fact, Israel seems to underestimate the ability and willingness of the Palestinians to fight. In the battle Pillar Security Operations, 2012, six Israelis were killed, including two soldiers. While 158 Palestinians were killed, in which two-thirds were civilians.

While the 2008-2009 war, the Palestinians lose more casualties reached 1,400 inhabitants. 200 of them were militants, while 10 Israelis were killed with seven of whom were soldiers.

Based on the assessment, Israel seems to predict they could continue to perform the operation in Gaza without causing more casualties. The fact that Iron Dome is now fully operational and effective, making Israel increasingly large head.

"Although Israel continues to conduct air strikes killed up to over 800 Palestinians, it is clear that Hamas has increased its capabilities as the war on land. Particularly in urban warfare, the ability of Hamas has increased," wrote professor of History University of California, Santa Barbara Adam Sabra, as quoted by Al Jazeera on Sunday (08/03/2014).

"Moreover, the political calculus has changed. With an attitude hostile Egyptian government and harmonious relationship with Iran, as it supports the Syrian opposition, Hamas seems to have made ​​the decision themselves. They urged a ceasefire must be accompanied by a permanent end to the blockade of Israel," he added .

This position turned out to increase support for Hamas from the Palestinian side and promised to unite Palestine behind the same agenda. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had no other choice to follow the path of Hamas and voiced the same demands.

Although the Israeli government carefully voiced success of military operations, the evidence states otherwise. All victims of the Israeli war this time numbering 35 people, 32 of whom are military forces.

Looking at current conditions, does indicate a turning point in the battle undertaken by Israel to the Palestinians, especially Hamas?