Microsoft litigation Samsung to court

Microsoft sued Samsung Electronics to court. Bill Gates founded the company claimed Samsung refused to pay patent licensing, shortly after Microsoft announced its interest to acquire Nokia's handset business.

Microsoft lawsuit filed in Manhattan court asks for compensation on the Samsung, but does not reveal how much. David Howard, Microsoft's legal officer, stating that it respects its partnership with Samsung, but there is a difference in interpretation of the license agreement.

"Unfortunately, even between partners were sometimes disagreements," said Howard, who was quoted by Reuters on Sunday (03/08/2014).

A number of Microsoft's patents is used in mobile phones with the Android operating system. Some Android manufacturers have also agreed to pay a license to Microsoft, including the status of Samsung's largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

Samsung originally routinely make payments. But since Microsoft wants to acquire Nokia, Samsung reluctant to pay for assessing the acquisition of Nokia violation of their license agreement. Samsung finally willing to pay but does not include interest.

That is what causes the Microsoft sued Samsung. "We will analyze in detail the complaint and determine an appropriate response," said Samsung spokesman responded to the lawsuit Microsoft.