Apple & Samsung Finally Makes Peace?

Apple and Samsung reportedly reached an agreement to settle patent dispute. Previously, the two companies each filed a patent lawsuit, which started since 2012.

Reported by Ubergizmo, Wednesday (06/08/2014), these patent lawsuits will not be passed in some countries such as Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea and the UK. However, there are still lawsuits pending in the United States.

Although the patent dispute between Samsung and Apple are outside the United States has ended, no pact or the 'peace' by both sides. Two technology giants will focus on competition in the market of their products.

Circulating information revealed, Apple and Samsung clashed in court over patents that claimed Apple is said to have been plagiarized by Samsung. This case was based on a lawsuit that claimed five patents Apple had copied by Samsung.

Apple asked for a fine of as much as billions of dollars in compensation. Of course, the South Korean company that does not accept any so-called cheat sustain his argument.

In April 2014 reported the seizure of the patent penetrated the realm of mobile applications and involve Google. Samsung uses multiple applications of Google as a provider of cell phone operating system.

The internet giant has preserved innovations embedded application on Samsung phones. Thus, the search engine company in coalition with Samsung against Apple.