LG Makes Record for Android G3

At the moment Samsung and HTC are trying hard in the Android smartphone market, the Korean handset manufacturer, LG turns it even posted a record.

In its financial statements in the second quarter of 2014, sales of mobile phones LG reportedly already exceeded 14.5 million. That number becomes the highest number to date.

The number of the LG smartphone sales increased 20 percent over the previous year, or 17 percent from the previous quarter. In addition, the value becomes the highest sales year since 2010, reaching 3.51 billion dollars.

Total sales surpassed the achievements of his compatriot, Samsung. In early 2014, the value of sales of Samsung's down from 8.27 billion dollars in the last year to just 7.8 billion dollars this year.

With sales like that, LG claims that until the second quarter of 2014, the company has earned a profit of 83.4 million USD. Thus, the accounting records at a loss for three consecutive quarters before finally stalled.

Quoted from Recode, LG claims that his success is much helped by the sale of its superior smartphone, LG G3. Smartphones with LTE connections (L Series III) also called LG contributed to the Korean company donates profits.

LG will continue with its superior smartphone project, and released the successor to the G3 in the future, following its variants, including the G3 Beat LG recently announced.