Athletes Pretty Sabina Altynbekova hit in Social Media

The presence of a beautiful woman in the arena of sports is often a concern and warm conversation in social networking. After the phenomenon of wives and girlfriends (WAGs) in the arena football or the beautiful presenter of the 2014 World Cup, has now emerged a new phenomenon of Kazakhstan, Sabina Altynbekova.

Sabina, who is a female volleyball athletes from Kazakhstan, suddenly crowded discussed in social media on Tuesday (22/07/2014) because of circulating viral photographs.

Sabina photographs allegedly first circulated in 9gag joke site. This site is a popular photo sharing jokes or other interesting things. Proven many conversations on Twitter, Facebook, or Path that includes a link to a site that displays a row of photos 9GAG Sabina.

Beauty Sabina gave rise to many comments from users of social networking, ranging from merely introducing this beautiful athlete, an expression of awe of her beauty, a sudden expense and want to watch sports like volleyball, until cuitan want to make it as a lover.

As posted by a Twitter account Indonesian footballer, Craig Bellamy, (@ bepe20s), which says, "Introducing! Altynbekova Sabina, Super Beautiful Volleyball Players of Kazakhstan", along with links to photographs of Sabina.

Accountedykhemod wrote, "From now want to be a volleyball athlete" followed by a link to the site 9gag. The booms got reply fromwowadit. Jokingly, he wrote, "until Khazakstan Snack yourself."

In addition to Twitter, Sabina also received attention from Path users in Indonesia, such as Kristian Ignatius's account that displays Sabina photo with the caption, "Kazakhstan volleyball players were again popular in the internet, Altynbekova."

However, who is actually pretty Kazakhstan volleyball athletes named Sabina it? According to the site the Asian Volleyball Confederation, Sabina joined the volleyball national team U-19 Kazakhstan. The girl's 17-year-old still has a height 182 cm and weight 59 kg. On 6 November, the new Sabina even 18 years old.

Currently being followed championship event Sabina Asian Women Volleyball Championship U-19 to-17 in Taiwan. The tournament was held on July 16 to 24 by 2014.

If you want to talk with Sabina, you can do so via the social networking site in question and answer link. In social networking, Sabina hasAltynbekovaS account and for this he is diligent in answering a question by one of his fans.

Here are photos of Sabina Altynbekova: