11 Legendary Nokia phone

Nokia has now officially become the property of Microsoft. Since producing the cell phone that works on GSM networks in the 1990s, Nokia continues to spawn innovative phones, most of the phone is still memorable for some people.

In the period from the 1990s to early 2000s, Nokia's mobile-phone company became the largest mobile phone maker in the world. Millions of phones are produced and sold each month.

However, Nokia's dominance eventually must occur when the company could not withstand the onslaught of smartphones, especially the iPhone penetration and a number of Android smartphones.

Now, after Microsoft acquired, the Nokia brand will slowly be eliminated. To commemorate Nokia, PocketLint invites us looked back, saw some Nokia phones that managed to attract attention.

1. The Nokia 8110-1996

This phone is better known by the name "Nokia Bananas," what else could it be because its shape is curved like a banana. The phone also reap popularity since its appearance in the movie The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves. The Nokia 8110 has a spring loaded sliding keypad cover that can be opened by pressing a button on the side.

2. Nokia 9000 Communicator - 1996-2007

Nokia launched its Communicator series in the range of 1996 to 2007. Phone is becoming like a small laptop that can be bagged. A variety of business support features in it, such as browsers and e-mail, making the current Communicator as advanced cell phones. User community was even made, shows just how exclusive this phone.

3. Nokia 3210-1999

Referred to as the Nokia classic, form also characterizes Nokia. Many are making the first phone because the price is relatively affordable, with the basic functions of the phone and SMS. In addition to the shape and size, the Nokia 3210 is also preferred because of its simplicity and a cover that can be replaced.

4. The Nokia 6310-2001

Co-workers who can be relied upon. Widely used by the employees. The phone itself has no special features, but 6310 is marketed with the lure users can write a message in the body with a laser beam.

5. Nokia 1110-2003

Nokia 1110 has become the successor to the best-selling series of Nokia mobile phones, 1100. Nokia 1110 sold more than 250 million units worldwide in 2003. Affordable price also make it as a secondary phone for some users in Indonesia.

6. Nokia N-Gage - 2003

Nokia introduces a breakthrough in mobile gaming. Nokia N-Gage tried to bring the experience of playing games on mobile devices, like the Game Boy Advance is the most famous. Like the console game, the phone also comes with a different game cartridges that can be purchased separately. Unfortunately, N-Gage Nokia can not meet demand.

7. Nokia 7610-2004

This phone is the result of the failure of the previous series, 7600, which is called the shape is not ergonomic. 7600 has the shape of a box with a screen in the middle, and the buttons on either side.

In the 7610 series, Nokia fix it by moving the buttons to the bottom of the screen. Teardrop design is also no longer the box, but the rectangle to accommodate the keypad.

8. Nokia 7280-2005

Known as Nokia lipstick because of its shape like a rod polishing the lip color. 7280 does not have a dial button and rely on the list of contacts stored in it. The phone is made by Nokia to further highlight style than function.

9. Nokia N95 - 2007

When first launched in 2007, the N95 into the Nokia premium phone lines. These phones make inroads with diverse functions embedded in it, like a camera that can produce good photographs, GPS, music player, and so on. Unfortunately, in the same year, Apple launched its first iPhone.

10. The Nokia Lumia 800-2011

Smartphone Nokia marks a new era for the Finnish telecommunications companies began to switch to the Windows Phone operating system, and brought the concept of a full touch screen smartphone. Various series of Windows Phone then follow behind him.

11. The Nokia 808 Pureview - 2012

Smartphones developed for 6 years marks the end of an era Nokia. Pureview 808 indicates that a smartphone could also have a high resolution camera, 41 megapixels. The technology is also used in the later generation successors, Lumia 1020, which was launched one year later.