Dian Fossey : Gorillas Merciful

Two days ago Google commemorate the anniversary of Dian Fossey to 82 . He was born January 16, 1932 is a zoologist who studies families and ethology gorillas in Rwanda during a period of 18 years .Considered as one of the world's leading primatologists in his lifetime , Dian Fossey , along with Jane Goodall and Birute Galdikas , dubbed by Trimates , three of the most influential experts in primates primatology .

Examine each of the three different species of primates ( Fossey Gorilla examined ; Goodall researching chimpanzees , and orangutans Galdikas researching ) . 
In layman , Dian Fossey known from the film Gorillas in the Mist , starring Sigourney Weaver . The film is based on the book in 1983 , with the same title , combining the scientific study of mountain gorillas in Karisoke Research Center with her ​​own personal story . 
Dian Fossey was found brutally murdered in his home on December 26, 1985 , at the age of 53 years . Her case remained open until now . Although one of his students was arrested as a suspect four years later , Fossey 's death remains a mystery . 

Brother -in-law of former Rwandan president , Protais Zigiranyirazo , also touted Fossey involved in the murder . Protais Zigiranyirazo who was governor of the province where Fossey worked , have an interest in mengekspoilitasi gorilla , which is strongly opposed Fossey .Protais Zigiranyirazo also considered responsible for the deaths of 800,000 Rwandans ( Genocide Rwanda ) in 1994 . 
A few months before his death , Dian Fossey signed an agreement with Warner Bros who want to make a film of his famous book , Gorillas in the Mist . This agreement generates a million dollars for Fossey . 
Concerns enemies will finance activities to protect gorillas Fossey with this money could also be one reason for his murder . Some of the organizations that were once opposed to still use the name Fossey Dian Fossey for commercial purposes until recently . 
During the Rwandan genocide in 1994 , the national park where Fossey worked to save the gorillas , were destroyed . Fossey was buried beside her favorite gorilla , Digit , in Karisoke , Rwanda . 
Dian Fossey research results have opened the eyes of the world will be a gorilla with human relationships . Humans become more know how to live gorillas and how they interact with each other .Thanks to the hard working Fossey , so much to know that human life is seriously threatened gorilla and need human intervention .