Royal Baby - Utterance Unique Musicians to the Birth of a Baby Kate Middleton

Mas Aal - It seems like the whole world's attention is now being focused on the birth of baby Kate Middleton and Prince William. No lag, too boisterous music world with the birth of the royal baby.

Even so, everyone's reaction was different. The musicians respond royal birth their baby in a way that is quite unique. There are many funny statement that they are addressed to the eldest son of William and Kate.

As written by Professor Green, he hopes the royal baby would grow up to be rebellious youth that Prince Harry had a 'friend' for being naughty. Meanwhile Jack Bevan makes a bet and guess the baby's name is Kong, a baby of a candidate named King Kong.

Some idea of ​​the name and the statement is mostly not serious musicians, even so there are some who sincerely congratulate you on the birth of the royal baby, which until now have not had that name.