Royal Baby - United Kingdom Residents Waiting For Baby Names William-Kate

Mas Aal - Britons rejoiced with the news of the birth of a baby boy Prince William and Kate Middleton. They are now waiting for the name to be given to the baby.

The United Kingdom has traditionally not directly announce the baby's name. Prince Charles and Princess Diana for example, recently announced the names of Prince William a week after he was born.

British gambling houses in favor of the name George as the name of the baby boy. Names Philip and Charles was in second and third.

"This task also once lived Prince Charles and Princess Diana at the birth of Prince William," said an United Kingdom, Margaret Holder, as quoted by Express, Tuesday (07/23/2013).

"Prince William got its name from a cousin of Prince Charles who died in 1972 due to a plane crash," said Holder.

Members of the United Kingdom does not require last name. However, if Prince William and Kate Middleton wanted to give her last name on, they can use the surname Mountbatten-Windsor.