300 Words Love in The Wall

Visit France without finding romantic things seemed impossible. France was never out shows his romantic side. Even a wall as a barrier that normally only can be turned into a means of expression of love that is so unique and full of nuances of romance.

"Wall of I Love You", a wall has been able to attract the attention of every visitor who comes to France. Not just the walls, on the surface there are many expressions of love are written using a variety of languages​​.

Wall "I Love You" is standing in the middle of the park Abesses, Montmartre, Paris. A wall with a surface area up to 40 square meters contains an expression of love from around the world. This wall is so unique so as to attract tourists, particularly those who come on vacation with the beloved.

Like the other wall, this wall was the result of the creativity of two human beings, Frederic Baron and Claire Kito. According to them, this is the ideal location for the express eternal love. All expressions of love than 300 languages ​​are deliberately collected by Frederic Baron until finally he met with Claire Kito to put it into a beautiful work of art.