The Blueprint Open the Veil of iPad 5

CALIFORNIA - Although there is no official information about the presence of the iPad 5, but leaks after leaks seemed to reinforce the presence of the product. The latest, a document that informs schematic of Apple iPad products revealed in the virtual universe.

Adapted from Phone Arena, Monday (01/07/2013), the document explains that the iPad 5 will adopt a similar design to the iPad Mini. Well, if the documents are posted on No Where Else (NWE) is true, then the iPad 5 has a thickness of 7.9mm, almost 1.5mm thinner than the iPad 4 WiFi version. Then the handset will have a size slightly lighter and compact.

That said, Apple berencanya pinning two new physical features - a peyangga that can be folded to the back and the control buttons on the back side to improve the gaming experience. Later, iPad 5 must use the latest operating system iOS 7 is currently in beta version.

Apple is reportedly looking to mass produce the iPad 5, even one accessory manufacturers, Hard Candy Cases 'colong start' latest product launches for the iPad. Company set up at least two variants of accessories for Apple's tablet, the ShockDrop and Squish, each of which can be ordered at a price of USD35 and USD50.

Predicted successor to the iPad 4 will land in mid-September or later than the end of November with the launch of the iPad Mini with Retina display.