WWDC Apple: 6 Features Stud iOS 7

Detik.com - Having previously discussed the extent to which changes in the interface design has to offer iOS 7, it was interesting to take a closer look at the brand new features this mobile operating system.

"IOS 7 is bundled with many new features for a stunning and user interface," said Apple CEO Tim Cook, while in the event the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013, which took place in San Francisco, USA.

Indeed, most of the changes in the features of iOS 7 is a result of the development of the previous features.As quoted from The Verge, Tuesday (11/06/2013), following a number of new functions in the development of a number of embedded features in iOS 7.

1. AirDrop
 If Samsung has S-Beam, so now Apple does not want to miss by presenting a new feature called, AirDrop. But this is not a file sharing feature berbasia Near Field Communcation (NFC).

"AirDrop is a way to share content with people closest to quickly and completely new," said Craig Federighi, Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering.

The trick was simple. Users only need to select the AirDrop button in the notification center, select the desired files easily, without complicated network must be related to a particular or set up stuff.

Craig also assured the safety of users when using the way of this new model of file sharing. Because no encryption feature so that your content will be protected.

2. Camera and Photo Album
 The most striking change is also visible from the photo album offered in iOS 7. In this latest operating system, the current display look much prettier picture.

Massive changes will be visible when users view the photos and video from near and far. Because when the zoom-then it would seem the result location and the date.

Yes, images can be tagged by location and date of collection are combined through a feature called moment.Not only that, embedding new features are also available in the camera. Users can take a picture and instantly wrap with Instagram-style filters.

3. Safari
 No less interesting is the redesign of the safari look. Not just the interface, some new features are also embedded in Apple's mobile browser.

In addition to changing its logo icon, Safari in iOS 7 also added new features such as full screen, a new tab and controls for parents to prevent their children opening unwanted things.

There was also the iCloud keychain, like the one in OS X Mavericks. Namely the ability to understand the views of the user's password habits.

Interesting change is also felt in the feature reader, which reads a page by removing its original appearance, and the only form images and writings.

When opening the tab in large quantities were also present with the new design of the good as can be seen from above.

4. App Store and Music
 There is little change in the App Store in iOS 7. Users no longer have to mess with the updates of installed applications, because it can do it yourself without any user intervention.

While the more specific category in the App Store application, because the inclusion of the category for children with certain age.

No less interesting is the design view of Music. Users can see it more simple and modern.

Still from music features, Apple introduced iTunes Radio, which is a further function of the change of iTunes Match in the free version.

Such as Pandora or Spotifiy, users can listen to songs that are available in the cloud or cloud.

5. Siri 

digital SiriAsisten also got a touch of the master design changes from the team Jhony Ive at Apple iOS 7. This is particularly relevant when diperintakan intelligence capabilities.

Siri interface also appear to be different, with a gray background are slightly translucent.

Its own new feature is the option of choosing the voice of women and men are equal before rigidities in Siri.

Selection of male voice for Siri is not new at all, because the option to select the language to English using the male voice access.

Well, Siri can now also ruled more broadly, such as the ability to play voicemail, set up lighting, reading Twitter from a particular tweet.

6. Facetime Audio
 The era of the Internet or VoIP-based calls also affects Apple to spawn a similar service called Facetime Audio.

Can be guessed from its name, this is the addition of features in a Facetime is Apple's video call service.

VoIP Audio ala Facetime can be used free of charge among Apple users when the network is 3G, LTE or WiFi.