Justin Bieber Will Travel to Outer Space

LOS ANGELES, KOMPAS.com - phenomenal singer Justin Bieber is rumored to be testing a trip into space. ABG man who is now 19-year-old was said to have reserved seats for a trip into space with Virgin Galactic.

Is Richard Branson, the billionaire who is also the owner of Virgin Galactic, which reported the news.

Through his Twitter account, Branson congratulated Bieber who have signed up to be an astronaut in the future. "Great to hear @ justinbieber & @ scooterbraun are latest @ virgingalactic future astronauts, Congrats, see you up there!" Branson chirping, Wednesday (06/05/2013), referring to Bieber and his manager.

Unfortunately, Bieber who has followers (followers) to 40 million that has not responded to the chirping of the billionaire. Only his manager, Braun, who retweeted chirp Branson writes, "I'm going to space momma".

Bieber desire to be exploring space is never diutarakannya. In February, he once sang, "I'd love to hold a concert in space," he said.

The booms were greeted NASA. "Maybe we can help you for that."

About space travel rates are set at 250,000 dollars is certainly not a big deal for a Bieber. See, the net income singer "Believe" was estimated at 110 million U.S. dollars.

Bieber is not the only row of celebrities who want to feel the sensation like the astronauts. A number of stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Victoria Principal, Ashton Kutcher, and scientist Stephen Hawkings said to have reserved seats for the fantastic flight.

Also reported, the trip ticket with the artists it was offered in an auction on the sidelines of the annual Cannes Film Festival in May 2013 and with a tag of 1.5 million dollars.

If nothing goes wrong, they will fly to a height of 62 miles above the Earth at the end of this year.