WhatsApp CEO: We're Bigger Than Twitter

Jakarta (detik.com) - A total of more than 200 million monthly users recorded using WhatsApp. No exaggeration then if the CEO boldly boasted that its service is more gigantic than Twitter.

WhatsApp is CEO, Jan. Koum, who spoke at a technology conference in New York, United States, about the achievements of his company printed.

Koum underlined that the messaging app it now holds about 8 billion messages inbound and outbound 12 billion messages per day.

Well, what about Twitter itself is used as comparison by Koum? Quoted from TechCrunch, Wednesday (17/04/2013), the site's 140-character print the number of monthly active users of 200 million in the month of December. While certainly both services actually have a different format.

Interestingly, even if used by hundreds of millions of people, WhatsApp is not interested disambangi ads. Check out what Kloum word about it.

"We are bombarded with so much advertising in our daily lives and we feel that the smartphone is not the place for it. Putting ads on this kind of device is a bad idea. You do not want to be interrupted with ads while chatting with your loved ones".

Instead, Koum said that WhatsApp introducing business model where users will be charged a fee of 99 cents USD per year.

The messaging app is the middle reaches its golden periods. Even technology giant Google had mentioned that even though the service will be annexed later this rumor himself rebuffed by WhatsApp.