PlayStation 4 Controller Shown with LCD Feature

TOKYO - Rumors are circulating about the latest generation of game consoles output Sony pushed back. This time, Sony's PlayStation 4 are expected to appear in 2013, will reportedly come with an LCD controller and support sailing biometrics technology.

Reported by Neowin, Sunday (01/20/2013), rumors are circulating in cyberspace on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 have circulated a few times lately. The information was revealed as hardware performance and graphics technologies diusungnya.

Through news circulated of Computer and Video Games, reveals PlayStation 4 will perform with the LCD screen. With the presence of the LCD screen, then firmly attached DualShock design since the first PlayStation launched will be removed.

Sony seems to give you something new to the newest generation of gaming consoles. One of the points that favored this Japanese company is showing a controller with LCD and sensor technology feature biometrics.

Although the LCD display, but reportedly will not display more than the Nintendo Wii U. The idea to embed biometric features is a new thing for fans of the game console created by Sony.

Not yet known in detail about this biometric feature. According to information circulating in September 2012, Sony has patented biometric security features.

This feature is reportedly working to identify who the owner of the latest gaming console Sony. That said, the biometric sensor also includes a fingerprint sensor, sensor arm, facial recognition systems, iris scanning retina (eye), voice pattern analysis and DNA analysis.

Rumor also revealed that Sony and Microsoft will be officially introduced its newest flagship gaming console each in early March 2013.