The results of the 2014 World Cup Qualifying Game Zone Europe

There are 25 games that should be held on Tuesday (16/10) night and Wednesday (17/10) early morning local time, in order to qualify 2014 World Cup European zone. However, the match had to be postponed due to heavy rain, which makes the field unfit for use.

In Group A, Belgium firmly in the top of the standings after a 2-0 win over Scotland. Croatia, whose goal difference, still stuck in second place after a 2-0 win over Wales. While Macedonia managed to climb to fourth after a 1-0 win over Serbia.

The top of Group B is still held by the Italian managed a 3-1 win over Denmark. While Bulgaria had to settle for sharing the numbers 1-1 with the host Czech Republic, and keeps them is ranked two and three.

Although still lead Group C, a record victory Germany had stalled after being held to a 4-4 draw by Sweden. In fact, Der Panzer had a four-goal first. While the Faroe Islands sank to the bottom of the standings after losing to the Irish Republic by a score of 1-4. While Austria massacred Kazakhstan 4-0.

Dutch comfortable at the top of Group D with a perfect achievement, after a 4-1 win over host Romania. Hungary followed in second place, after a 3-1 win over Turkey. While Andorra kept buried in the bottom of the standings after the overthrown Estonia 0-1.

In Group E, Switzerland still top the standings after beating the hosts 0-2 Iceland. Norwegian stuck in second place after a 3-1 win over Cyprus. While the top three occupied Albania, which beat Slovenia with the score 1-0.

Russia-along with the Netherlands, into two teams in the European zone are still perfect to reach four wins, after the overthrow Azerbaijan by 1-0. Portugal was forced down one rank to the top three standings in Group F, after the draw with Northern Ireland. And Israel rose to second place after the massacre Luxemburg three goals without reply.

Bosnia-Herzegovina still lead Group G, after a big win over Lithuania, 3-0. Greece was reluctant to stop sticking in second place, after a 1-0 win over Slovakia. Meanwhile, Latvia mearih first victory by beating Liechtenstein 2-0.

In Group H, Britain had to wait one more day to serve the Polish game, because the game was postponed due to heavy rain. While Montenegro managed to subvert host Ukraine with a 1-0 victory. And, San Marino could not be separated from the bottom of the standings after the overthrown Moldova 2-0.

Two rulers Group I, Spain and France should share the numbers 1-1, and are in positions one and two standings. While Belarus managed to escape from the bottom of the standings after overthrowing Georgia 2-0.

Full results of the match following the PD 2014 European Zone Qualifiers:
Group A:
Belgium 2-0 Scotland
Croatia 2-0 Wales
Macedonia 1-0 Serbia

Group B:
Italy 3-1 Denmark
Czech Republic 0-0 Bulgaria

Group C:
Germany 4-4 Sweden
Faroe Islands 1-4 Republic of Ireland
Austria 4-0 Kazakhstan

Group D:
Romania 1-4 Netherlands
Hungary 3-1 Turkey
Andorra 0-1 Estonia

Group E:
Iceland 0-2 Switzerland
Cyprus 1-3 Norway
Albania 1-0 Slovenia

Group F:
Portugal 1-1 Northern Ireland
Russia 1-0 Azerbaijan
Israel 3-0 Luxembourg

Group G:
Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-0 Lithuania
Slovakia 0-1 Greece
Latvia 2-0 Liechtenstein

Group H:
Ukraine 0-1 Montenegro
San Marino 0-2 Moldova

Group I:
Spain 1-1 France
Belarus 2-0 Georgia