Fergie: Liverpudlian was friendly and always kidding!

LIVERPOOL - The game is full of high blood pressure will be presented back to the Premier League continued on Sunday (09/23/2012) evening, where Liverpool will host Manchester United's strong team. The United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson tried to neutralize the high tension classical antarpendukung held before the game.

The rivalry between United and the crown of the Reds in the Premier League was often invited emotions, not just antarapemain but supporters participated in it. Especially with the unfolding tragedy that claimed 96 victims of Hillsborough, 23 years ago it was.

Tensions are both getting hot over racism case involving Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra in the 2011-12 season ago. However, the coach who is familiarly called Fergie revealed that she is always warmly welcomed by Liverpool fans where when visiting Anfield.

"When I came to Liverpool to watch the game, fans were friendly to me. There's a little joke, or something else like, but no violence. Never, "Fergie said.

"I always enjoy my visits there. This is a great game, sometimes you have to win, sometimes you have to lose. It's very different from when I went to Leeds, "continued the 70-year-old coach, as reported by Goal, Saturday (23/09/2012).