Adoption iOS 6 122% Faster Than iOS 5

CALIFORNIA - Despite the Maps application on iOS 6 get criticism, but the adoption of the latest mobile operating system was very fast. According to analytics firm Apsalar, adoption of iOS 6 122 percent faster than its predecessor, iOS 5.

Quoted from Techradar, Sunday (09/23/2012), according to Apsalar, after the second day of the availability of iOS 6, 122 percent adoption rate faster than updating iOS 5.

On Thursday it was reported that 15 percent of iDevice owners have downloaded iOS 6 in just one day. Compared to iOS, it took five days to get the adoption rate of 20 percent.

Despite having a high adoption rate, does not mean iOS 6 does not get criticized. For example, a major feature in iOS 6 the maps application that Apple made ​​a lot of user confusion.

Apple also asked users to be patient and said it would work hard to create a better user experience.