Three Cities Prepared for the to host U-17 World Cup

JAKARTA - The three cities in the country as a place prepared PSSI if Indonesia officially designated as a World Cup host (PD) U-17 coming in 2017. From each selected town, PSSI will prepare two stadiums as the supporting infrastructure.

Jakarta, Bandung, and the third city of Riau is expected to pass PSSI Indonesia to host World Cup U-17. Indeed, when viewed from the readiness of the stadium in the three cities, it looks like it could make Indonesia a chance opportunity as host.

In Jakarta, there Geloran Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) and Lebak Bulus Stadium. While in London, there is The starling Harupat Stadium, Stadium Siliwangi, or Gede Bage Stadium was under construction. Meanwhile in Riau, Riau and there is the Main Stadium Stadium Kaharudin are ready to be a priority.

"All it takes to host the World Cup U-17, must be prepared in three cities with the two stadiums in each city. Therefore, it is likely to be held in Jakarta, Bandung, and Riau, "said a member of the Executive Committee (Exco) PSSI, Bob Hippy.

Of the three cities that will be prepared, maybe just Riau are still controversial. Due to a host city, in every city must also have means of transportation and lodging are inadequate.

"The question might be, why Riau? The reason is, we've seen firsthand the stadium there is enough in the organization of international events. We think, Riau will be ready if established as one of the host city," said Bob, who also serves as coordinator of the national team (national team) Indonesia.