Waw, Animal is Able to Have Sex During 3 Hours

MELBOURNE - Scientists examining the behavior of the squid as the process of mating until the end of the biological activity. They found that the squid takes 30 minutes to return swiftly after mating.

Cephalopods are short-lived with a spherical shape, it is known to have multiple partners while mating process. By studying this behavior, researchers found that the agility of these animals decreased two-fold.

Scientists describe the mating activity as something that "expensive" for the squid. Therefore, the activity could deplete the available energy to escape predators.

"The squid mating (for) three hours and the males are physically be able to withstand the female all the time," said Amanda Franklin, a researcher from Melbourne University, Australia, as reported by the BBC on Thursday (7/19/2012).

He said the research is very exciting for researchers to demonstrate the influence of the physical capabilities of squid after the mating process. "(The findings) has not been demonstrated before," he added.

Dumpling squid (Hawaiian bobtail squid Euprymna tasmanica) is a member of the family of bobtail squid. These animals are found along the southern coast of Australia.

These animals can only live on less than one year. They spent time in the last few months of his life to marry.

Female squid will then issue the eggs and keep for several days after mating. However, they are also able to store sperm for fertilization of eggs in the future.

"We decided to study the squid is charismatic, because very little is known about this squid. Cephalopoda has a very interesting mating systems, from multiple mating sexual cannibalism to marriage and a long duration," said Franklin.