Juve Question FIGC Problem Calculation Scudetto

Turin - Juventus President Andrea Agnelli did not understand the way of calculating the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). Juve Agneli judge should hold the Serie A title 30 times.

Supposedly, the Bianconeri have 30 Serie title after winning last season. However, the FIGC decided Juve guilty and reduce the championship to 28, after removing the trophy in 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons, following the Calciopoli scandal.

However, the Juve insist they are not guilty of the scandal. Ensure Bianconeri will remain 'install' three-star in their new jersey, face the season 2012/2013 to come.

"I always said that Juve will respect the FIGC's decision at that time (2006)," Agnelli said in a statement, the introduction of new jersey, Sky Sports reported on Thursday (7/12/2012).

"The new facts are revealed, so I decided to disagree with that decision. The game is legal and I have to protect my company which wakilkan as president, and fans of Juventus, "he continued.

"We're counting according to the method of mathematics 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 and so on with 30. FIGC calculation eliminates two degrees to 28. So, we move the two stars of the '30 jersey and write the title on the ground ', "he said.

Previously, Massimiliano Allegri talked about Juve title. Allenatore AC Milan Juventus jokingly said it should get as much as 31 championship titles, including the Serie B title she won.

"It makes me laugh Allegri commented on Juventus, without thinking of his own club," said Agnelli, reply to comments Allegri.