French President Ridiculed as Dwarves

PARIS - French President Francois Hollande got a mockery of its citizens, after he was pictured with the Coldstream Guards British troops. Hollande has 170 centimeters in height was likened like a dwarf standing next to Waterloo's war-winning force.

Hollande did have a higher body than the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, but when he visited the City of London, Hollande was embarrassed standing between the First Battalion Coldstream Guards. Red-uniformed troops also have very good posture and large, while it looks very small Hollande.

Taunts the people who saw the photo also appears in several internet sites. Hollande assessed stuck in a situation where he looks like a dwarf among giants. Some authors also mention the story of Gulliver's journey into the world of dwarves, when looking at the photo.

"I saw a funny thing, not because of body size Hollande. Hollande is very easy to get caught in a situation where Sarkozy could avoid it," said one writer, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (12/07/2012).

Some authors also call Hollande like a dwarf who rules the world like Napoleon Bonaparte. Hollande photographs were rumored to be the laughing stock of many citizens in Europe.

57-year-old socialist president was often embarrassed by the media. When Hollande held a presidential election campaign in France in 2012, Hollande flour thrown by one of the residents. In May, Hollande also seen drenched in the inauguration.

When meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Hollande also exchanged jokes. Hollande admit, he was not offended and very pleased with jokes, funny jokes Cameron. Unmarried president seemed to ignore the crisis in Europe during his visit to England.