Obama's Use Tax Funds for Campaign?

WASHINGTON - Candidates President of the United States (U.S.) Republican Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama to use tax funds to benefit his campaign contributors in the upcoming presidential election. Romney even called Obama's policies full of things that stink.

Romney's scathing remarks when speaking at a fund-raiser attended by a small group of journalists. Romney is often controversial remarks, which is not necessarily true. Therefore, the Romney campaign throws often considered black.

This time, Romney said one Obama policy is revealed most foul is associated with an investment of tax funds.
"Your tax funds have been channeled in the business of his campaign contributors. Obvious stench wafted here. President Obama deliver approximately $ 500 million in tax funds to a company called Fisker where the owner is a partner of Al Gore," said Romney told ABC News Tuesday Otus, ( 17/07/2012).

Also in the same occasion Romney re-offend Obama's policy on the issue of outsourcing.

"This can not be justified and events like this happen more than once. Obama did not just take our money and give it to his friends but he also pioneers of outsourcing," said Romney.

Former Governor of Massachusetts is also adding a lot of things that can be used as a reason when calling Obama as a pioneer of outsourcing.

"This is just one example and there are many other examples that show that Obama is supporting outsourcing. There are several regulations in which the company showed that it actually happened," said Romney.

Approximately 40 guests attended the luncheon is rumored to have paid $ 50 thousand. Fund raiser in the form of lunch with Romney was also attended by Republican politicians who is also governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindall.

"This is the most expensive lunch ever attended. I really appreciate your generosity and these activities contribute greatly in helping the campaign to win the Republican Party," Romney said.

Until this news was revealed, there has been no clarification of the statement Obama and White House related to accusations from his political rivals.