Archaeologists claim Painting Mona Lisa Secrets Revealed

MILAN - Archaeologists have unearthed believe the secret behind a famous painting masterpiece Leonado da Vinci, Mona Lisa. The secret is in the form of a figure of the skull behind the floor of a monastery in Florence, Italy.

Preached the Sunday Observer, Tuesday (24/07/2012), the skull was believed to be Lisa Gherardini was the model for the painting that most mysterious works of da Vinci.

Lisa Gherardini was the wife of a wealthy silk merchant named Francesco del Giocondo. In Italy, the Mona Lisa is known as La Gioconda.

Most modern historians agree that the girl who made ​​the Mona Lisa is Lisa del Giocondo. The woman chose to become a nun after her husband's death. Lisa del Giosondo died in the convent on July 15, 1542 at the age of 63 years.

A group of archaeologists began digging in the usual Santa Ursula in the past year. They must penetrate the thick concrete, but quickly found a tomb believed to be the final resting Lisa.

Furthermore, they will verify to find DNA in the bone. After successfully verifying the bones, they will attempt to reconstruct her face to compare it with paintings by da Vinci.

Earlier in the year, Vioncenti professor also claims there is a hidden message in the eyes of the Mona Lisa after examined using high-powered magnifying glass.

Mona Lisa is an oil painting on panel which is now owned by the French government. This painting is considered as the most famous paintings in the world. Da Vinci began painting in 1503 or 1504 and finish in 1519, some time before his death.