Space Travel Held Year 2013

VACATION into space is the dream of most people. If all this can only be enjoyed outside of the pilot and space research. Soon people will be able to enjoy it.

In the next two years, the commercial airport for space flight will be completed, cited Okezone of on Thursday (09/08/2011).

Construction of the first commercial airport to space flight has reached 90 percent. The airport is planned to be held in Las Cruses, New Mexico. This place is also going into the headquarters of Virgin Galactic, owned by large companies of this century an ambitious entrepreneur, Richard Branson.

The airport has a runway along the two mile with a futuristic terminal hangars and an operations headquarters are dome-shaped.
A spokesman for the airport express workmanship airport space will be completed in a few months. The plan later this year will already be completed. Virgin Galactic's first flight is planned to be carried out in 2013.

Executive Director of the New Mexico Spaceport newly appointed, Christine Anderson, reveals not easy to build in the middle of high desert in New Mexico.

"So take my hat off to all contractors who have spent much time and sweat to build this place," he said.

Despite the certainty of 2013 commercial flights to space, will open its doors. But, there has been no explanation when the date and month. UK aerospace industry will be pegged travel tickets for $ 50 million to travel into space.

The company also employs 20 thousand people. If the space tourism sector this tour goes well, it will contribute £ 7 billion and 40 billion pounds spur.