okezone.com : This is the Main Reason Refuse Tevez

MUNICH - Manchester City Bomber, Carlos Tevez claimed not to be in excellent mental game to play in Bayern Munich cons. Tevez refused entry as a substitute.

Tindakanya was no doubt make the coach, Roberto Mancini was furious. El-Apache fresh blood is needed in a game of counter Munich, after Edin Dzeko seem frustrating defense dismantle Holywood FC. Moreover, the City itself has lagged 2-0.

Unfortunately, Tevez did not get up off the bench when called offisial City to warm up and refused to appear to defend his team. "I just feel mentally I do not feel good to put into the field. So, I give my verdict to the Mancini, "said Tevez Goal quoted as saying on Wednesday (28/09/2011)

However, Tevez affirmed still fully committed to strengthening the City. Although, the coach, Roberto Mancini indicated his career in the City has 'done'. "That's his decision," added Tevez.

Tevez added, he always tried to deliver impressive results for The Citizen, although it was not granted his wish to leave the City's management team is looking for family reasons in Argentina.

"I've been a professional throughout my time here. Last season, I also became a top goalscorer and I give an opinion of what I want is to leave the City for family reasons. But I try to give the best for me here.