Okezone.com : Art of Dried Leaves ITS

JAKARTA - The Department of Architecture Students Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) held a unique race, the race creations that use dried leaves as basic materials.

Coinciding with the 51st Anniversary titled Eco ITS Campus, the event aims to familiarize all students of ITS Architecture.

Chairman panita event, Aghra, hoping that they can provide benefits for participants, "we hope this event can achieve its objectives and benefit to all attendees. I hope there is follow-up to the front," said Aghra, as quoted from the ITS website, on Thursday (22 / 9 / 2011).

Resource persons who presented at the event, which originated from Surabaya Leaf Craft Workshop Nanik Heri. Before the race a fight over money of 100 thousand starts, Nanik teach participants about the first creative techniques with dry leaves. Starting from collecting, boiling, bleaching, and ironing the leaves.

In accordance with the motto of "Caring for Your environment, Distributes Kreativitasmu" participants were challenged to decorate the duplex with a prototype of dry leaves. Suddenly the excitement among the participants there, so be creative with their spirit leaves, the specified time was up.

The committee was forced to extend the time of the race, while enjoying snacks and drinks, the audience can also enjoy live music.

Nanik own creations which leaves the race jury. Of the race, the eventual champion was in the can, the participants consisted of freshmen who had occupied the first rank, followed by the 2007 class champion, and won by a group of three faculty and staff.