aalcliquers.com : Junk Satellites Will Fall in 23 September 2011

Satellites are already aged 20 years named the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) would fall to Earth next week. NASA has so far not yet know exactly where the satellites are launched by the shuttle Discovery and on duty examined the stratospheric ozone layer and the temperature will fall.

“When the satellite enters the Earth’s atmosphere is expected on 23 September, plus or minus a day. The time for advanced reentry is an increase in solar activity that began this week,” the NASA statement on its website last Friday, quoted by AFP news agency on Saturday (09/17/2011).

NASA stresses that the risk of damage and casualties due to collapse of the satellite will be very small. Throughout history, there has been no record of any damage caused by satellite or spacecraft re-entering the Earth. NASA is also explained, mostly, but not all, components of the satellite will burn in the atmosphere.
UARS could fall in the range of 57 degrees north latitude to 57 degrees south latitude, more or less from the territory of Canada to South America. Precise prediction of the fall of satellites it can only be done when the satellite is sent in 1991 it had entered Earth’s atmosphere.

“It is impossible to determine the area where the wreckage of the satellite will fall, but NASA estimates that the traces of junk can be found in areas along the 800 km range,” the statement further NASA.
Anyone who found the wreckage of these satellites are asked not to hold it, but immediately reported to the relevant bodies.

UARS satellite is measuring 3 x 10 meters and weighs 5900 kg. This satellite has 10 instruments to measure wind, temperature, and examined the chemistry of ozone and the contribution of energy from the Sun. This satellite dinonfungsikan official in 2005.