Queen Set Degree to William and Kate

LONDON - Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has knighted for his future wife of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Degree which will be pinned for William was Duke of Cambridge, Eearl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus.

Queen Elizabeth's official statement was brought to Prince William's title is His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton with the title Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge.

History degree from Duke of Cambridge can be described as follows, as quoted from testimony ST James Palace, in Jakarta on Friday (29/04/2011).

Degree at Duke, in 1706 when George Augustus became King George II pinned another degree from Duke of Cambridge at the time of his father, George of Ludwug, ascended the throne in the year 1714. He was given the title of Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales to create a degree or can be pinned to the Son of the British Crown.

But when he ascended the throne in 1727, the title Duke of Cambridge is fused together himself became king.

Cambridge previously was knighted. Four children of King James II, Duke of Cambridge pinned this title. While the title of Earl of Cambridge itself is a title of nobility in pre-historic era. King Edward IV was the Duke of York and Earl of Cambridge and eventually appointed as the King of England in 1461 and his title was merged into the title of king.

Title of Duke of Cambridge had disappeared at the death of the second Duke of Cambridge in 1904. Until 1917, this title is only shaped marquee and pinned to the brother of Queen Mary, until 1981. At his death, his title was aborted.

Title of Earl of Strathearn. Strathearn be knighted since Robert Stewart, who became ruler of Scotland created the title Earl of Strathearn in 1357.
In 1371, Robert Stewart to the throne as King of Scotland and replace his uncle. His title was changed to King Robert II and his title of Earl of Strathearn was moved to his son David in 1371 ago.

1766 youngest brother of King George III granted the title of Prince Henry Frederick Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn. This title vacant in 1790 and was pinned to the father of Queen Victoria in 1799 with the title of Duke of Kent and Strathearn. Earl was extinct when he died in 1820.
New in 1874 the third son of Queen Victoria, Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert, was given the title Duke of Connaught and Strathearn in 1874.
Prince Arthur died in 1942 and his title is given to her grandson who died in 1943. This is why the title of Strathearn extinct.

Baron Carrickfergous degree: degree of nobility Ireland Chichester of Carrickfergus was created in 1625, but his stand-alone Carrickfergus in 1841 and 1883.
When the Marquee of Donegall who hold a bachelor's degree is pinned Baron Ennishowen and Carrickfergous. He died in 1883 and its power is held by his brother and his title was extinct.

Carrickfergus is the oldest town in the area of ​​Antrim. Carrifergus said berarati Rock of Fergus, a residential area located in Belfast. Location was in the northern coast of Belfast Lough and Carrickfergus Castle where located. The castle was built in 1180 and is a well-kept castle in Ireland.