Prince William-Kate Suggested Honeymoon to Indonesia

JAKARTA - Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton certainly did attract the attention of many parties. But that is also a conversation of people right now is where they will honeymoon.

British Ambassador to Indonesia Martin Hatfull admitted he did not know Prince William will honeymoon. This diutarakannya when asked by reporters at his residence in Jakarta on Friday (29/04/2011).

"I myself will not tell if married where I'm going on honeymoon. Prince William himself did not tell me where he would honeymoon," said Ambassador Martin Hatfull.

Himself willing to recommend Prince William and Kate Middleton to a honeymoon in Indonesia. Indonesia has a lot to him a suitable place for honeymooners.

"Personally I can recommend to them a lot of nice places in Indonesia, and my own wife and I were fortunate enough to go to many places in Indonesia, but I do not know where they go," he said.

"I've gone to Sulawesi for example, to Lombok, Bali, Lake Toba, to Yogyakarta, and many other places in Indonesia, which I think is beautiful and amazing. "