BlackBerry Messenger Now Can 'Suicide'

There is a new messaging service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). In the latest update which can be downloaded, BBM introduces privacy feature that allows messages disappear after they are sent to the destination. Something like like features in the service Snapchat.

Feature called as Timed Messages that allow the sender to set the time how long a message, photo or video will exist in the phone receiver. Once the time is up, then the content will be delivered 'suicide', disappears.

In addition, the sender will receive a notification if it detects the message recipient to take a screenshot of the image or the message he sent.

There is also a feature called Message retraction. This feature allows the sender directly can delete messages that have been delivered, for example if you accidentally stray into the wrong address fuel.

"This new feature is asking an awful lot so we're glad to give it to the user today," said John Sims, president of Global Enterprise Sevices BlackBerry quoted from the Economic Times, Saturday (11/01/2014).

He added new capabilities to make the user more creative in sending messages at once convinced that their content remains private and can only be seen by interested. Unfortunately, the feature will only be free for 3 months and then paid.

Beyond the new capabilities of the above, there is another new feature in the fuel that allows the user requesting a full resolution image. BBM update is already available for download a user of iOS, Android, and of course the BlackBerry.